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Patented Laminated Columns

Patented Laminated Columns

The future is now in the post frame building industry with ground breaking engineering and unsurpassed durability in our patented laminated columns.

Our Shear Transfer Plated (STP) column (US Patent pending) finished #1 when recent laboratory test results are compared to the bending strengths of other major brand non-spliced nailed columns and glue-lam finger jointed columns used by other builders.

STP 1630 or better per the final requirements from our in-house engineering team specifically designed for your building. Sidewall and endwall columns are full 3-ply to the roof line, not just a single ply 2x6 from the bottom of the truss to the roof line on endwalls like other builders. Our patent pending Shear Transfer Plated (STP) columns are the key to the incredible load carrying capacity of our columns as they both join and reinforce the plys to give our STP column twice the capacity of a solid 6x6 post.

The #1 laminated column in the business is anchored by the #1 rated footing system, as tested by the Argicultural Engineers at OK State and U of IL. Our 90 lbs. of dry-mix concrete gives you 76% more support for settlement and 28% greater resistance for uplift than the pre-cast "cookies" used by the competition.

All wood members in contact with the ground are treated to a .8 CCA, which is the minimum allowed by code. This is 33% more treatment.

A 9" #4 reinforcement bar is inserted through the STP Column and embedded in the dry-mix concrete footing which securely ties the post to the footing, allowing for maximum column bearing and up-lift resistance.